Who is faster: Ethereum $ 2,000 or Bitcoin $ 100,000?

Who is faster: Ethereum $ 2,000 or Bitcoin $ 100,000?

For some time, Bitcoin or Ethereum have been tacitly competing with each other, and this has caused some speculation on this topic. It was assumed that the consensus for cryptocurrencies would be the achievement of the BTC mark of $ 100,000, which will give a similar effect from the breakthrough in 2017 to $ 10,000. And experts suggest that Bitcoin will be able to show a new psychological mark by 2021 or even 2023.

If we talk about Ethereum, which in 2017-2018 the level reached $ 1380, and then moved to a long-term period of depreciation, then here the experts came to the conclusion that the level will reach $ 2,000. And this is with a market capitalization of about $ 200 billion.

And the question arises about the realism of both scenarios. Which of these two scenarios looks more realistic? ‘B Is for Bitcoin’ author Graham Moore (@MooreGrams) believes that Ethereum will get to the $ 2,000 level faster than Bitcoin, which could reach $ 100,000 a little later. Although not everyone agrees with this forecast.

A similar point of view is argued by some observers by the presence of a factor of market capitalization. It looks more realistic when the size of Ethereum’s capitalization reaches $ 200 billion than the possibility of doubling the current volume of $ 1 trillion by bitcoin. Therefore, the figure of $ 2,000 is more realistic earlier for ethereum, 100,000 – for later.

The bitcoin halving expected in the spring of 2020 will probably make adjustments to the situation, and it may change the trajectory of these leading digital currencies. Therefore, investors should consider such an event and diversify their portfolios.

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