Trader Evgeny Loza’s opinion: there is a transformation of centralized exchanges into banks

Trader Evgeny Loza’s opinion: there is a transformation of centralized exchanges into banks

Professional crypto trader Evgeny Loza is known as a top participant in TradingView, he manages the Excavo company. In addition, the trader conducts training for beginners in the peculiarities of crypto trading. Forecasts and recommendations of Vines are read by many users in different countries of the world.

Eugene told BeInCrypto about the main trends in the cryptocurrency market, the expert gave useful advice on investment in 2021.

It all started in 2013 with trading gold, oil, SP500 and DAX30 indices. At first, he worked in a financial company, then decided to devote himself to financial markets, so he left his post and started to implement the idea. Loza created an EXCAVO page on Tradingview, where he presented his analytical articles and educational content to users. The expert began writing analytics and recommendations on bitcoin at the end of 2016.

Loza first became the owner of a cryptocurrency when he worked with the assets of a Canadian investor. And when he received a commission for his work, he chose digital payment in bitcoin. And only then, when he started working in the crypto market, an expert there began to apply his asset management skills in traditional markets. At the same time, Eugene had to face financial losses in 2018 on the Bitfinex exchange.

Today, a well-known crypto trader has taken into account his miscalculations and continues to develop in the field of digital currency. He has many accounts on different exchanges. And he has already made a good profit from successful trades. For example, an expert managed to get +100 K in four hours in March 2020 as a result of buying back Bitcoin and other coins.

According to Loza, he, like all participants in trading on exchanges, has to give a commission. The more trades, the higher the commission amount. He has a number of accounts and uses certain tools in his work. Loza allocates part of the funds to trade altas on the spot, part to futures, and also works with options.

As for the DeFi boom, according to the crypto trader, it has potential for growth and development. And for his company, work in this direction is a priority. On the basis of profitable pharming, our own DeFi project was developed – the automatic Market Maker EXCAVO.FINANCE.

Speaking about the prospects of the crypto market, Evgeniy notes the changes that have taken place recently. More and more people are starting to make money on centralized exchanges. Many are attracted by the opportunity to use their assets at their own discretion, regardless of central banks and other banks, where there is a threat of blocking accounts, bans or limits on withdrawal of funds. Although not all cryptocurrency exchanges work successfully. For example, the exchange with users from Ukraine, Belarus and Venezuela stopped working. And the reason for this was the same blocking of assets, a short time for their withdrawal, etc.

Evgeny Loza is a trader with experience, he believes that it is better to keep digital assets at home, and investors or traders should, in turn, choose a trend and move with it. He recommends, before starting work on the exchange, to study all the available information and only then make transactions. After all, trading is more of a marathon than a sprint. Of course, the risks cannot be avoided, but it is also part of the game.

If we talk about investing in 2020 -2021, then according to the expert, you need to first of all deal with your education. And only then participate in projects, investing in BTC, XRP, ETH, XLM, LINK, CAVO and NYZO.

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