John McAfee withdrew from the Freedom Coin project

John McAfee withdrew from the Freedom Coin project

John McAfee, due to personal circumstances, refused to implement the Freedom Coin cryptocurrency project, he said this in an exclusive interview with BeInCrypto

Despite this statement, the work of the website of the Freedom Coin project has not been stopped, there is general information about the purpose, ideology of the new coin. This project was positioned as independent, the cryptocurrency offered within its framework was declared independent, without reference to physical goods, digital assets or fiat currencies. According to the idea, the price of the coin was not supposed to depend on external factors in the market and in the world. It was assumed that this cryptocurrency would have a zero exchange rate, live in isolation from the market, as the embodiment of absolute economic freedom. Not surprisingly, everything related to mcafee freedom coin has caused a lot of scandals and speculation.

According to the founder of the McAfee project, after the start of his work he had to leave Cuba, then he was arrested in the Dominican Republic, which forced him to hide from the world on a yacht called “The Great Secret”. McPhee admits he is in survival mode and that his life has taken an unexpected turn. It is important for him to survive now, and this is the main priority for him at the moment. According to John, freedom for him is when only your mind and body belong, and you yourself can choose the ideas that your mind has generated.

In addition, McAfee showed his serious attitude towards his own survival, and told what he is ready to do for this. For example, he gives an interview in a room equipped for this, which resembles a Faraday cage, since it is covered with foil to protect it from the influence of external electromagnetic fields, in order to jam the signals coming out of it.

Interestingly, McAfee announced that he knew about the identity of the legendary creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto and his fate. Therefore, he reasonably, knowing so many secrets, worries about his own safety. Moreover, the US tax service is hunting for him.

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