Gliese cryptocurrency GLIZE coin review of the new token, all information

The idea of ​​the developers of the Gliese token provides for an increase in the price of the token along with the cost of UMI. At the first stage, the exchange will be a fixed UMI on Gliese. The proportions will be 8 to 1, 5 to 1 or 6 to 1. But after passing this stage, the GLIZE token will become a full-fledged market participant and will acquire its own market rate. And the cost of Gliese, this information is clear to all project participants, will be formed from the ratio of supply and demand.
But there are also certain differences. Gliese on a decentralized exchange can be sold in conjunction with UMI. Therefore, if in the future the user of the Glize cryptocurrency is going to compile a review on its growth, then he should know that the increase in prices for UMI will have a positive effect on the Glize rate. After all, a similar situation can be seen in the situation with bitcoin and ether. If other coins are traded with these cryptocurrencies, then they begin to rise when bitcoin or ether starts to go up.

At the same time, experts have already calculated that at the initial stage of the launch, Gliese will have a rate that is five times higher than the UMI rate. But it should be noted that all these are only forecasts. Do not forget that GLIZE is a decentralized asset.
But now users are also interested in how many tokens will be issued, and when staking will begin. It is assumed that staking will be launched after the exchange of the UMI cryptocurrency for GLIZE begins, and users begin to receive their first rewards for migration. Staking will be phased. It is expected that the process will be divided into three parts.
– the first stage, red. It will bring users the most profit. After all, it will amount to 13-25% of the reward every month. But the amount of reward will depend on the invested tokens in staking. The red stage process will start after adding about 50 million tokens to staking, and all will end at around 250 million.

-blue staking offers a reward level of 3-15% monthly. And this stage starts at 250 million tokens, and finishes at 500 million GLIZE. The information provided by the developers themselves says that this stage, like the other two, is designed for one year.
– the third stage – green staking with a reward of 1-10% every month. And here the emission amount starts from 500 million tokens to one billion Gliese.
Once the one billion mark is reached, the staking process will stop. But it is assumed that at the first and second stages, the Glize token should be integrated into UMI OneApp. And the token can be used as a native NFT platform. This will increase its value. Project participants will receive even more tools for the opportunity to earn on a token even without using the staking technology.
Users of the new GLIZE token will be able to stake in three stages, getting more opportunities for earning. At the same time, due to the fact that the developers got rid of all the problem areas of UMI staking, the emission of a new participant in the crypto market will not decrease, but, on the contrary, will tend to increase.

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