ETH 2.0 will be much more important than Bitcoin halving

ETH 2.0 will be much more important than Bitcoin halving

The hopes of the crypto community for the third halving of bitcoin with a price increase over the $ 10,000 mark did not come true. The military-technical cooperation fell and then tries to recover again. And many fans of cryptocurrency are waiting for the launch of the Ethereum 2.0 platform, a token update, so that these events affect the market.

The token is expected to rise to $ 220

Thanks to the launch of the second generation Ethereum platform, the throughput of the blockchain will significantly improve, which will make it possible to pass thousands of transactions per second. Also, the corporation is ready to implement the Proof-of-Stake protocol so that tokens can take part in the staking program, and holders can make money on altcoin.

According to Messari analyst Ryan Watkins, the introduction of ETH 2.0 is a more significant event than the halving of Bitcoin, since it is a programmed and predictable event. And while the process of finalizing and launching the ETH 2.0 platform is underway, which may change several times before its final commissioning. And it is not known when there will be an ethereum halving.

The intrigue is also added by the fact that the developers themselves do not yet have an exact understanding of what the new platform should be. And this adds public interest to the coins, stimulating their value. In addition, bitcoin fell in price, and its halving turned out to be an order of magnitude lower than before, which led to the disappointment of many cryptocurrency fans. While it is not clear whether the ETH 2.0 platform will gain market value, there is already some interest in it.

Is the value of cryptocurrency real?

According to the founder of the Ethereum corporation Vitalik Buterin, cryptocurrencies do not have great value, which is not confirmed, and can simply be a collectible tool for their users. These words caused a violent reaction from users, because many believe that cryptocurrency is the future of the world economy. Twitter began to reproach Buterin for his disbelief in crypto assets, and also, that this was the reason for the poor growth in the value of ETH.

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